Christchurch Earthquake Update

Tata Steel International – Christchurch Branch – Earthquake Status Update

Dear Customers,

Just a quick update with the current situation here in Christchurch.

We got our power back on at mid-day Monday & our water services returned Wednesday morning. It may sound strange but it’s a novelty to use a flushing toilet. All other lines of communication are back with the branch (they were previously diverted to Auckland).

Our building is OK to operate in, but we do have some areas with damage that we have isolated until repaired, hopefully later this week.

We have two staff members with badly damaged properties who need to leave work occasionally to sort out personal issues. One other staff member has become ill, presumably from consuming contaminated water.

Couriers & carriers are operating in the area but with obvious delays due to road damage.

We are managing to service our own South Island customer base at this stage, but not in a position to send material to other branches or branch customers.

Your continued patience, understanding, and support through this time, is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Daryll Maiden
Branch Manager – Christchurch Tata Steel International – New Zealand