Drainage & Plumbing (Pressure) Systems.

Blucher drainage – Blucher Drainage Pipes and Fittings

Blucher drainageThe BLÜCHER EuroPipe™ system can be used for drainage, vacuum, or low pressure pumping applications. Manufactured in grade 316L stainless steel, all pipe and fittings are supplied with a rubber ring seal push-fit connection. This push-fit system provides easy to use waste water drainage and rainwater pipework for all applications.


BLUCHER EuroPipe™is lightweight, versatile, aesthetically pleasing, economical and reliable. Suitable for above-ground and in-ground installations. Combined labour and material savings can be considerable when compared with traditional pipe systems.

Installed quickly and easily, the BLÜCHER EuroPipe™system has been the preferred choice where hygiene, corrosion resistance, and thermal performance has been demanded globally for the last 40 years.

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BLUCHER Pressure Piping System – BLÜCHER Press-fit Pipe and Fittings

Blucher drainageConnections between pipe and fittings are crimped in under seven seconds, delivering a quick, simple and effective system. Blucher drainage  systems are the ultimate in high pressure pipe systems.  The ease of fitting the system means significantly lower labour costs, and the high quality BLUCHER Press-fit Stainless Steel system means far longer life for your water system generally.

Blucher plumbing systems use high quality stainless steel used in both fittings and pipes, guarantees greater resistance against corrosion, even with aggressive water conditions.  Although approved to a working pressure of 16 Bar, the BLUCHER Press-fit system has been safely tested up to 40 Bar.

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AusPress® Copper Fittings and AS1432 Tube

S&T Stainless now stocks a comprehensive range of AusPress® copper press fittings, AS1432 tube, and also offer one piece NZ3501 to Press Adapters.

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