Blücher Plumbing (Pressure) System.

Blucher plumbing (pressure) system – Blücher Press-fit Pipe and Fittings

Blucher PlumbingBlucher plumbing connections between pipe and fittings are crimped in under seven seconds, delivering a quick, simple and effective system. Blücher Press-fit is the ultimate in high pressure pipe systems.

The ease of fitting the system means significantly lower labour costs, and the high quality Blücher Press-fit Stainless Steel system means far longer life for your water system generally.

The high quality stainless steel used in both fittings and pipes, guarantees greater resistance against corrosion, even with aggressive water conditions.

Although approved to a working pressure of 16 Bar, the Blücher Press-fit  system has been safely tested up to 40 Bar.

Blucher plumbing uses Press-fit  stainless steel that won’t distort, rupture or crack like plastics, and is more resistant to pitting than copper. Equally suitable for low or high temperature applications. Stainless steel has an inherently superior fire resistance to plastics, copper, and galvanised steel piping systems.

Applications include:

  • Hot and Cold Potable Water
  • Coolants (Glycol)
  • Disinfectants
  • Industrial Gases and Compressed Air
  • Lubricants and Solvents
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems (Wet and Dry)

Industries Utilising Mapress:

  • Food Processing – Meat, Dairy, Brewing, Wine,…
  • Manufacturing – Pulp and Paper, …
  • Heavy Industrial – Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, …
  • Construction – Institutional Buildings,…
  • Marine – Luxury Vessels, Naval Ships, …

International Approvals have been granted for many applications.


Download the Blucher Press-Fit Catalogue


Please contact S&T Stainless Ltd to confirm the suitability for your application.

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