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Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes

An Impressive Range of Standard and Specialist Metal Finishes for All Applications. Rimex Metals Group have been producing surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals since 1959. These Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes are supplied in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands through 8 branches of S&T Stainless Ltd.

Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes

Textured, coloured, dimpled and custom options are available. View our impressive product portfolio encompassing:

 Rimex Patterned Stainless SteelRimex Decorative Architectural Metal & Finishes – 3 dimensional patterns designed to add strength, impact / scratch resistance, and aesthetic appeal to flat sheets…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelMetalArt™ Finishes – A collective description for the range of effects produced by multi-directional polishing, controlled acid etching, bead blasting, or colour stripping…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelImpressions™ Patterns – Embossed with “dimples” in a variety of standard shapes and patterns. Custom design capabilities provide the designer freedom to create…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelGranex™ Finishes – A unique matt finish obtained by controlled bead blasting, to produce a range of subtle non-directional, non-reflective finishes…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelSuper Mirror – An unbreakable blemish free mirror finish with a perfectly reflective quality. Often referred to as No. 8 mirror finish. Suitable for use in high end or high traffic areas…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelPlatinum – Rimex’s standard Brush Polished finish. Also known as scotchbrite or hairline finish. The fine lustrous effect is more subtle than linished satin finishes…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelColoured Mirrors and Satins – 7 lively and vibrant coloured stainless steel variations that won’t crack, fade, or peel. Colourfast to 200°C…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelColourtex® Finishes – Combines the advantages of a textured surface with the aesthetic qualities of the coloured metal finishes. A reflective and dynamic building material…See More →
Patterned Stainless SteelRigiTube™ –A patterned (rigidized) stainless steel safety handrail tube, ideal for use in hospitals, rest homes, buses, trains, industrial stairways and ladders…See More →


Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes
With the combined support of S&T Stainless and Rimex Metals (UK and Australia), there is a commitment to provide stocks of popular products in New Zealand. Special project requirements or custom designed (bespoke) products will continue to be sourced via UK or Australia, depending on manufacturing, delivery, and / or project budget requirements.
Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes
The standard range of Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes consists of 6 modern and attractive stainless steel textured finishes with 7-8 indent colour options in a mirror or satin finish to give a lively and vibrant finish that won’t tarnish. We also stock a range of ex-stock colours on some of our more popular textures.


» Elevator Doors & Interiors
» Escalator Cladding
» Exterior & Interior Cladding
» Toilet & Shower Partitions
» Passenger Terminals
» Bus & Train Skirting / Trims
» Caravan Stone Guards
» Food Display Equipment
» Refrigerated Displays
» Wall & Door Cladding
» Column Cladding (Wraps)
» Artwork & Sculptures
» Bench & Bar Tops
» Counters
» Kitchen Benches
» Splash backs
» Signs & Signage
» Canopies
» Street Furniture
» Retail Shop Fitouts
» Point of Sale Displays
» Reduced Friction
» Chutes & Slides
» Vending Machines
» Conveyors » … and many more
Rimex Patterned Stainless Steel Finishes
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