Stainless Steels.

Stainless Steel Product Range



Our comprehensive stock range of stainless steel coil includes:-

  • Grades:
    • 304, 316, 430, Duplex – LDX2101, 2304, 2205
  • Finishes:
    • 2B, BA, Satin (No.4), 2E (for duplex grades)
  • Widths:
    • 915, 1219, 1500-1524, 2000mm
  • Thickness:
    • 0.45 to 4.00mm (1.50 to 4.00mm x 2000mm wide)

Refer to the Services section of our website for details on our service centre’s coil processing capabilities.

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Stainless Plate


New Zealand’s largest range of stainless steel sheets includes:-

  • Grades: 
    • Austenitic – 304, 316
    • Ferritic – 430, 3CR12
    • Duplex – LDX2101, 2304, 2205
    • Super Austenitic – 904L, 254SMO
    • High Temperature – 253MA
  • Finishes:
    • 2B, BA, Satin (No.4), Super Mirror (No.8), 2E (for special grades)
  • Widths:
    • 915, 1219, 1500 – 1524mm
  • Thickness:
    • 0.45 to 3.00mm Length: Wide range of standard and custom lengths

Refer to the Services section of our website for details on our service centre’s coil processing capabilities.

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Decorative and Specialised Metal Finishes

Sheet – Decorative and Specialised Metal Finishes

For architectural, decorative, commercial, and industrial applications:-

  • Standard & Specialised metal finishes (Rimex) – more details
  • Patterned, Embossed, Impressions, Mirror and Satin Polished, Granex (Bead Blasted)
  • Colourtex, Colour Fusion, Powder- coated, Anodised (aluminium only)
  • Metal Art, Acid Etched
  • Standard, custom, and bespoke designs

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  • Austenitic – 304, 316
  • Ferritic – 3CR12
  • Duplex – 2205

Finishes:2B finish up to 8mm, No.1 finish up to 50mm, and 2E finish on duplex 2205

  • Widths: 1200, 1500, 2000mm Lengths: 2400, 3000, 4000, 6000mm
  • Thickness: 4.0 – 50.0mm
    • Chequer (Tread) Plate : Available in 3.5 & 4.5mm thick plates
  • Refer to the Services section of our website for details on our service centre’s plate processing capabilities.

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Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal

  • Wire Mesh:
    • Woven
    • Welded
  • Expanded Metal:
    • Raised pattern
    • Flattened pattern

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Bar Products

A comprehensive stock programme of Bar Products.

  • Round Bar (Standard and Improved Machining Grades):
    • Austenitic – 303, 304, 316
    • Duplex – 2205
    • Square Bar / Hexagon Bar
    • Flat Bar
    • Angle / Channel
    • Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)

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Tube and Pipe – Fittings and Flanges

A wide range of Tube and Tube Fittings which includes:-

  • Round Tube – Food, Beverage, & Hygienic applications manufactured to AS 1528, ASTM A269 / A270
  • Round, Square & Rectangular Tube – Structural, Balustrade, & Handrail applications manufactured to ASTM A554
  • Spiral Welded Pipe
  • Hygienic tube fittings – Bends, Tees, Reducers
  • Sanitary Unions (RJT, BSM), Hygienic Clamp Fittings (Tri-Clamp)
  • Expansion Flanges (wall penetrations)
  • Tube & Pipe Hangers Handrail brackets, end caps, and hardware
  • Handrail Brackets, End Caps, and Hardware

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Our Schedule Pipe and Pipe Fittings range includes:-

  • Schedule Pipe (welded and seamless) – for Process applications manufactured to ASTM A312
  • Butt weld pipe fittings – Elbows, Tees, Reducers, End Caps
  • BSP threaded pipe fittings – Sockets, Nipples, Elbows, Tees,
  • Unions, Caps, Plugs, Bushes, Hosetails

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Tube and Pipe Flanges / Neck Rings:-

  • Table E Flat Face Slip On and Blind Flanges (Stainless Steel)
  • ANSI 150 Raised Face Slip On and Raised Face Blind Flanges (Stainless Steel)
  • Table D and E Galvanised Back Up Flanges
  • Pressed Stainless Steel Neck Rings – for use with Galvanised Back Up Flanges

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Plumbing and Drainage

The Blücher Drainage system – offers a complete range of stainless steel push-fit drainage products, designed for demanding, corrosive, and hygiene sensitive environments.

  • Blücher EuroPipe™ drainage pipes and fittings. 50 – 250mm.
  • Blücher industrial floor drains, water traps, filter baskets, and grates. 75 – 160mm.
  • Blücher domestic floor drains for all tiled, vinyl or other flexible sheet floor finishes. 50 – 110mm.
  • Blücher channel drains, slot drains and grates for industry, ships, and commercial kitchens.

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The Blücher Pressure Piping system – is a precision press-fit stainless steel piping system, approved for use with hot and cold potable water, compressed air, inert gases, coolants (glycol), solvents, diesel, and in many other pressure applications including fixed water fire sprinkler systems.

  • Blücher Pressure Pipes 15 – 108mm
  • Press-fit (mechanically crimped) fittings 15 – 108mm
  • Press-fit tools for installation.

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A wide range of valves for hygienic and pressure applications.

  • Butterfly Valves
  • Hygienic 3 Way Valves
  • Hygienic Non Return Valves
  • BSP Ball Valves – 1, 2 & 3 piece
  • BSP 3 Way Valves – L Port & T Port
  • BSP Swing Check Valves
  • BSP Y-Strainers

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Architecture, Building, and Construction

Specialist metal finishes for architecture, building, construction, and interior decorating:-

  • Specialised metal finishes (Rimex) – Click for more details
  • Patterned, Embossed, Impressions, Mirror and Satin Polished, Granex (Bead Blasted)
  • Colourtex, Colour Fusion, Powder- coated, Anodised (aluminium only)
  • Metal Art, Acid Etched
  • Standard and bespoke designs

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Hand Rails and Balustrades:-

Handrail and balustrade tubes (Satin and UltraBrite polished) – Round, square, rectangular, rebate (slotted), oval, triangle, half round, and other profiles, etc.

  • Handrail brackets, end caps, and hardware
  • RigiTube – Rigidized safety handrail tube for hospitals, rest homes, buses, trains, industrial stairways and ladders. Brackets and fittings also available.

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Stainless Steel Fastenings and Hardware

  • Hex Head Bolts and Set Screws
  • Hex Head Coach Screws
  • Cup Head Square Neck Bolts
  • Socket Head Cap Screws and Set Screws (Grub Screws)
  • Countersunk and Button Head Socket Screws
  • Security Screws
  • Studding (Allthread) and Engineers Studs
  • Flat Head Nails (Annular Rings)
  • ‘E’ Clips, External and Internal Circlips
  • Hex Socket Pressure Plugs
  • Split Pins
  • Butt Hinges and Piano Hinge
  • ‘U’ Bolts and Turnbuckles

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Welding Consumables and Chemicals


A comprehensive range of standard and specialty welding wires, electrodes, and fluxes are available on indent from Avesta Welding’s stock / manufacturing program. Avesta Welding are a global leader in the manufacture of standard and highly alloyed grades of stainless steel and nickel alloys.

  • TIG Wire
  • MIG Wire
  • Flux Cored Wire
  • Submerged Arc Wire
  • Electrodes
  • Welding Strip
  • Welding Flux

Specialising in project supply for the following applications – Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Food & Dairy, Beer & Wine, Pressure Vessels, Driers & Digesters, Storage Tanks, Desalination Plants, Steel & Metals Manufacture, and Chemical Plants.
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Pickling, Passivating, and Cleaning Chemicals

The extensive range of products for the pickling, passivation, and cleaning of stainless steel from Avesta Finishing Chemicals are available from our NZ stocks.

  • Classic Pickling Gel 122 – standard pickling and passivating gel
  • BlueOne Pickling Paste – medium strength pickling paste suitable for cold rolled finishes. The emission of hazardous nitrous fumes is reduced by up to 70%, ideal for confined work spaces.
  • RedOne Pickling Paste – high strength pickling paste for hot rolled finishes, high-alloyed steels, and thick layers of welding oxides. Nitrous fume emissions reduced by up to 50%.
  • GreenOne Pickling Gel – a non-toxic, low strength pickling paste for light pickling of smooth, polished T304 surfaces without dulling. Nitrous fume emissions reduced by up to 90%.
  • Neutralising Agent – neutralizes pickling paste / gel rinse water residues from using pickling paste and gels prior to rinsing and disposal.
  • Moly-Drop Testing Solution – A chemical indicator test for the presence of molybdenum, typically for indentifying T316 vs T304 stainless steels.

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Service Centre & Technical Information

Service Centre

Our service centre is dedicated to the processing of stainless steel, eliminating the risk of carbon steel contamination from processing multiple metals. Our facilities include:

  • Cut To Length Line
  • Sheet Polisher – Satin (No. 4)
  • Flat Bar and Angle Polisher
  • Outsourced Services
  • Tube and Pipe Polishing
  • Laser, Water Jet, and Plasma Cutting
  • Guillotining and Folding
  • Welding and Machining

Technical Information

For any stainless steel to provide peak performance a number of factors must be considered as a part of the specification process,

  • Application – Consider effects from / on the surrounding environment, establish performance expectations, and life cycle cost analysis.
  • Design – design to eliminate stresses, crevices, and corrosion sites. Use appropriate codes and standards.
  • Material Selection – Identify correct material grade, surface finish, product type, material condition, availability, etc.
  • Fabrication – Use quality materials, tools free from iron contamination, appropriate welding procedures, post weld surface treatments and polishing, and protect surfaces prior to installation.
  • Installation – Use tools free from iron contamination, keep surfaces protected for as long as possible until final commissioning.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning – Contrary to the popular misconception, stainless steel is “low maintenance”, not “no maintenance”. A simple cleaning regime can ensure many years of superb performance.

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