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Cut To Length Line

Dedicated – S&T Stainless is the first (and only) company in New Zealand to install a Cut To Length Line dedicated to processing Stainless Steel coil into standard and custom length sheets.

Flexibility – S&T Stainless recognised the need in the industry to assist designers, engineers, and fabricators, by giving them the ability to design and build with the added flexibility of a wide range of sheet sizes.

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Satin Sheet Polisher

Experience – S&T Stainless has New Zealand’s only commercial Stainless Steel Sheet Polisher, and has been polishing stainless steel and aluminium sheets for over 20 years. Many of New Zealand’s major architectural projects have used our facilities.

Consistency – If there is a chance that replacement panels may be required in the future, use our polish from the start. There are as many different finishes as there are polishers. We maintain a consistent set up, thereby enabling a closer match between sheets produced months or even years apart.

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PE Film Applicator

Protection – To protect the quality of a stainless steel surface during fabrication, installation and commissioning, Poly-ethylene (PE) films are the answer.

Other materials – S&T Stainless is able to apply these films during the sheeting and polishing process, and also as a separate “one off” function. We are also able to apply PE film to aluminium, copper and brass sheet to customer’s own material (C.O.M).

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Inkjet Printer

Identification – When sheets are processed via our Cut to Length Line or our Satin Sheet Polisher, we can print the grade, sheet size, part number, etc, on to the surface of the material (or the protective coating). Reduce lost production time from confusion over material grades, and part identification.

Advertising – Is your completed job covered by a protective film, and will it be in public view prior to commissioning e.g. lift doors and architraves? We can print your company name on to the protective film, giving your company exposure before your product gets exposed !!

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Bar Polisher

Flat Bar and Angle – Stainless steel flat bar and angle is increasingly specified in architectural applications for structural and aesthetic reasons. S&T Stainless removes the coarse hot rolled surface, producing an attractive Satin (or #4) finish. Can also be used for hygienic applications.

Polish – Flat Bar can be polished on both faces and both edges, while angle can be polished on the 2 external faces only. Pre-polish and in process inspection allows continual monitoring of quality.

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Automatic Feed Bar Cutting

Capacity – Due to the large number of requests for custom cut lengths in large and small volumes, S&T Stainless has installed ten automatic feed saws, five in Auckland, four in Christchurch, and one in Wellington. Two machines in Auckland and one in Christchurch are dedicated to cutting only stainless steel, and the other seven process only carbon engineering steels. Our local branches also have cutting facilities for handling small volume cutting jobs.

Consistency – NC controllers and regular monitoring enable consistent bar lengths to be supplied to meet customer’s specifications.

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Tube and Pipe Polishing

UltraBrite® Polish – Bright Polished Stainless Steel Tube and Schedule Pipe is increasingly specified in architectural applications for structural and aesthetic reasons. We can arrange for tube to be mirror polished, and schedule pipe to be satin polished. Mirror polishing of schedule pipe may be available as circumstances permit, and will be reviewed on request.

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On-Site Storage Services

Security – Security and stock control on large project sites can be a real headache. S&T Stainless have solved this problem for our customers by fitting out six lockable 40’ shipping containers with racking and shelves for the storage of tube, pipe, bar, fittings and valves.

Services – Lighting and power is available, allowing the container to double as an office for a store person.

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Technical Support / Literature

Research and Development – Significant support is offered to engineers, architects, fabricators, and end users, via our connections with our manufacturer’s Research & Development teams.

Industry Associations – S&T Stainless is actively involved in, or networking with, many local and international industry organisations. This enables us to bring together a very broad range of experiences to assist our clients with their problem solving, specifications, and decisions.

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Other Services

The following services are available via sub-contractors:

Plasma Cutting
Laser Cutting

Water-jet Cutting

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