Bar Cutting Facility.

SvcBarCutBar Cutting Facility

Due to the large number of requests for custom cut lengths in large and small volumes, S&T Stainless have installed ten automatic feed saws, five in Auckland, four in Christchurch, and one in Wellington. Two machines in Auckland and one in Christchurch are dedicated to cutting only stainless steel, and the other seven process only carbon engineering steels. Our local branches have cutting facilities for handling small volume cutting jobs.


Materials typically processed include:

  • Stainless Steel grades – 303, 304, 316, and 2205.
  • Carbon Engineering Steels – Commercial Quality (CQ), Bright & Black Bar, Leaded, Free-Cutting, Free-Machining, Hollow Bar, and Medium & High Tensile Bars.


NC controllers and regular monitoring enable consistent bar lengths to be supplied to meet customer’s specifications.

No Contamination

A separate machine is used to process stainless steel. Consequently there is no risk of cross metallic contamination.

Cost Savings

Saves labour and increases your workshop productivity.

Machine Capabilities

Stainless Steel up to 200mm diameter
Carbon Steels up to 550mm diameter
Length by arrangement

Please contact your nearest S&T Stainless branch to discuss availability prior to specifying.

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