Bar Polisher.

SvcBarPolBar Polisher – Flat Bar and Angle

Stainless Steel Flat Bar and Angle is increasingly specified in architectural applications for structural and aesthetic reasons. With our in-house Flat Bar and Angle Polisher, S&T Stainless enhances the standard finish to an attractive Satin (or #4) finish.


We produce a Satin finish (otherwise known as #4, brushed, or linished) on stainless steel flat bar and angle. Flat Bar can be polished on both faces and both edges, while angle can be polished on the 2 external faces only. Pre-polish and in process inspection allows continual monitoring of quality.

For those fabricators looking to achieve higher polishing standards, we are able to remove the hot-rolled finish, reducing overall polishing time and associated costs.


If there is a chance that replacement parts may be required in the future, use our polish from the start. There are as many different finishes as there are polishers. We maintain a consistent set up, thereby enabling a closer match between components produced months / years apart.

No Contamination

Only stainless steel is processed, consequently there is no risk of cross metallic contamination.

Cost Savings

Saves labour and consumables costs on expensive in-shop mechanical hand polishing, and increases your workshop productivity.

Surface Protection

Polyethylene (PE) adhesive film is applied to all polished faces to protect the material from incidental scratching.

Customers Own Material

C.O.M. may be processed subject to prior arrangement on an all care, no responsibility basis. If risks or material faults are identified prior to processing customers are contacted prior to proceeding.

Machine Capabilities

Width up to 150mm (standard), 150 – 200mm (by arrangement only)
Thickness up to 50mm
Length Up to 6.0 metres (weight restrictions may apply)

Please contact your nearest S&T Stainless branch to discuss availability prior to specifying.

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