Cut To Length (Sheeting) Line.

SvcCutLengthCut To Length (Sheeting) Line

S&T Stainless is the first (and only) company in New Zealand to install a Cut To Length Line dedicated to processing Stainless Steel coil into standard and custom length sheets.


Materials commonly processed include: 304 2B, 316 2B, 430 2B, 304 Satin, 316 Satin, 430 Satin, 304 BA, 316 BA, 430 BA, and Rimex patterned & embossed stainless steel. Other stainless steel material may be processed subject to prior arrangement

Cost Savings

Repetitive custom lengths reduce material wastage and labour costs, increase your workshop productivity, and reduce the risk of handling damage. In the case of longer lengths you may be able to reduce the amount of welding and post fabrication labour costs.

Surface Protection

Polyethylene or PVC adhesive film can be applied to one or both sides to protect the material from incidental scratching. Various films are available on application to suit many different applications such as Laser Cutting, Deep Drawing, Perforating, Punching, Folding, etc.


Ink jet marking can be applied to the material or the protective film on request to identify material type, size, part numbers, or your company name for advertising purposes.

No Contamination

Stainless Steel dedicated – therefore no risk of cross metallic contamination.

Machine Specifications

Thickness 0.45mm – 3.00mm

Length various standard lengths to 5000mm, longer lengths by arrangement

Length Tolerances

Length Thickness Plus Minus
3000mm or less 0.45mm – 1.50mm 1.60mm 0mm
2.00mm 2.00mm 0mm
2.50mm 2.50mm 0mm
3.00mm 3.00mm 0mm
over 3000mm 0.1% of sheet length 0mm

Squareness (diagonal) Tolerances

Length Difference
to 2000mm 3.00mm
to 3000mm 5.00mm
to 4000mm 6.00mm
over 4000mm 8.00mm

C.O.M. may be processed subject to prior arrangement on an all care, no responsibility basis. If risks or material faults are identified prior to processing customers are contacted prior to proceeding.

Please contact your nearest S&T Stainless branch to discuss any requirements you may have outside these standards.

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