Satin Sheet Polisher.

SvcSheetPolSatin Sheet Polisher

New Zealand’s only commercial Stainless Steel Sheet Polisher giving the advantage of a consistent finish. All sheets supplied ex-stock are polished on the same machine, using the same settings.


S&T Stainless produces a satin (#4, brushed, or linished) finish. Pre-polish and in process inspection allows continual monitoring of quality. Although typically polished one side, we can produce exactly the same finish on both sides, on request. In comparison, mill polished material is reverse-ground and is likely to have a slightly different appearance to the prime polished side.

Coarse polishes on the reverse side may be achieved for applications requiring a “key” for painting or for improved laminating (bonding) performance.


If there is a chance that replacement panels may be required in the future, use our polish from the start. There are as many different finishes as there are polishers. We maintain a consistent set up, thereby enabling a closer match between sheets produced months or even years apart.

Cost Savings

In the case of longer lengths a reduction in the amount of welding and post fabrication labour costs is achievable, as well as maintaining a consistent visual quality over the full length.

No Contamination

Only stainless steel and occasionally aluminium & brass are processed, using different polishing belts. Consequently there is no risk of cross metallic contamination.

Surface Protection

Polyethylene (PE) adhesive film can be applied to one or both sides to protect the material from incidental scratching. Various films are available on application to suit many different applications such as Laser Cutting, Deep Drawing, Perforating, Punching, Folding, etc. Our standard PE film is suitable for use by both Fibre and CO2 Laser Cutting equipment.


Ink jet marking can be applied to the material or the protective film on request to identify material type, size, part numbers, or your company name for advertising purposes.

Customers Own Material

C.O.M. may be processed subject to prior arrangement on an all care, no responsibility basis. If risks or material faults are identified prior to processing, customers are contacted prior to proceeding.

Machine Specifications

Width up to 1524mm
Thickness 0.55mm – 3.00mm for Stainless Steel
1.20mm – 3.00mm for Aluminium & Brass
Length various standard lengths from 550mm to 5000mm, and by arrangement over 5000mm

Please contact your nearest S&T Stainless branch to discuss your requirements.

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